Free Art Springfield

What is It

In 2023 we partnered with Willow Oak Center for Arts & Learning to launch a free fun activity: Free Art Springfield.

Free Art Springfield is a new way for you to connect with local artisans, merchants and points of interest in our beautiful, historic city. Quarterly, art pieces crafted by local artists are hidden scavenger hunt style at local businesses and points of interest around our city. Clues about the locations where the art is hidden are released on our website and social media channels. All art is wrapped and tagged. Anyone may participate!

How to participate

The rules are simple: the lucky person to discover the free art should take a picture of themselves with the art at the location it was found.

The picture should then be shared one of two ways:

1) post the picture to their social media account (Facebook and/or Instagram) and tag @RealSpringfieldTN and the business location where the art was found,


2) email the photo with details about when and where the art was found to [email protected].

Once you’ve done this, the art is yours to keep or gift!